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Q: Why can't I enter my business right now?

A: From midnight until 9am daily the site is under maintenance while we edit and pload all of the days submissions.   Please create your listing between 9am and midnight.

Q: What is Open4BizLA?

A: Open4BizLA is an online directory where you can list your business location, hours of operation, offered services and more.

Q: I tried to save my listing and it froze, what is wrong?

A:  Because the server is uploading all of the images at once to your profile, and we are currently seeing a rate of over 100+ sign-ups per hour, the loading time may take up to 5 minutes. Please allow some time for your listing to upload.

Q: I clicked the social icons on my profile to share and they don't work.

A:  Check that you have properly linked your social profiles. If they are linked (using the complete URL) they should work when you have clicked to share.

Q: How do I change my business listing information?

A:  Log in using the email and password you created and go to the dashboard.  Click “Listings”, then Click “edit” on the listing you wish to change or make adjustments to.  Click “Save and preview” and your changes will be saved.  It may take up to 12 hours for your updates to show up on the server.