March 18, 2020

The Osterfeld Agency partners with the LRA to promote and support small businesses across the state of Louisiana

The Osterfeld Agency is dedicated to helping our partners in the restaurant and general business industry during this difficult time.  As such, our team has spent the last 48 hours around the clock working to build a robust listing platform for businesses to present information to potential consumers about new business hours, pick-up, delivery options and more, that aren’t readily available in a single place currently. Through our partnership with the LRA and New Orleans and Company, we have been able to make this possible. That listing platform can be found at

“I am extremely proud to be able to help our restaurant and business partners in what is going to be a difficult few weeks.   We are here at your service.  And I believe we will all come out on the other side strong, together”. Said Michael Osterfeld, President of The Osterfeld Agency.  

The global Covid-19 pandemic has and will continue to impact our citizens and our business community. Rapidly changing circumstances are affecting people’s ability to secure food and other resources, or to even know which businesses are open and have product available. As a member of the Louisiana Restaurant Association, The Osterfeld Agency has created this internet-based portal through which businesses can easily update to keep the public aware of their resources and abilities. This website will provide the most current information coming directly from businesses to inform the public about their hours of operation, services offered and special services designed to assist during this difficult period.  (Information needs to be verified and is subject to change in the fluid situation.  We are not liable for incorrect information.)

Finally, The Osterfeld Agency is handling PR services for restaurants and businesses, give us a call at 504.533.8869 and dial extension 3 to be connected with a representative who is happy to assist you.

Requests for assistance can be submitted through the live chat option on the website as well as email to   

The Osterfeld Agency would like to thank Patrick Gros, Wendy Warren, and Sarah Peltier at the LRA and Kristian Sonnier and Kim Priez of New Orleans & Company (formerly the New Orleans Convention and Visitors Bureau), for their partnership throughout this whole process 

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